What Happened To Dell’S Daughter On Private Practice?

Who takes Betsey in private practice?

After Betsey’s foster brother is revealed to have been abusing her, her foster parents abandon her at the hospital to focus on their son.

Naomi decides to take Betsey home with her forever.

At the end of the Season Four finale, Naomi chases Fife to the airport and says goodbye to Addison..

What happens to Dell’s daughter Betsy?

Honorary Mention for Nurse Dell Parker’s Daughter, Betsy: Betsy’s addict mom dies. Betsy’s dad dies. Betsy has to go into foster care, because all of the characters on “Private Practice” are too busy humping each other and being punished for it by Shonda Rimes to take her in.

Do they find the little girl in Season 6 of private practice?

After the a final therapy session with his patient, Sheldon places him under a 5150 psychiatric hold and goes to his house to find Sarah. After raiding almost the entire house, they’re convinced they’re wrong, until they find her in the basement, hiding under a bed.

Who is the father of Addison’s baby on Private Practice?

Jake ReillyHenry Montgomery is the son of Addison Forbes Montgomery and Jake Reilly.

Who all died on Private Practice?

All the Major Characters Who Have Been Killed Off of Shonda Rhimes’ ShowsDerek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy) … George O’Malley (T. R. Knight) … Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) … Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) … Henry Burton (Scott Foley) … Mark Sloan (Eric Dane)

Why did they kill off Dell in private practice?

It was a tear-jerker season 3 finale last night for the ABC medical drama Private Practice as the all around good guy and much loved Dell, played by Chris Lowell, died from injuries suffered in his automobile accident while rushing Naomi’s pregnant daughter Maya to the hospital.

What happens to Dell in private practice?

William Parker, more commonly known as Dell Parker, is a character on the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice. He was portrayed by actor Chris Lowell and appeared from the first through third seasons. … The character died following injuries sustained in a car crash.

What happened to the little girl in private practice?

Unknown to Sheldon, Nick saw how upset Sarah Nelson, a little girl, became when her parents started fighting in front of her. When she ran outside to flee from their fighting, Nick went after her and found her hiding from the rain because he wanted to give her a better life, away from her horrible fighting parents.

Why did they replace Naomi on Private Practice?

Back in 2011, actress Audra McDonald, who played Naomi Bennett on the show, revealed she’d be leaving the series to spend more time with family (her daughter Zoe was 10 years old at the time). “I am beyond grateful to Shonda Rhimes, ABC, and the team behind the show,” she said. …

Does Violet on Private Practice die?

At the beginning of Season 3, Pete and Naomi find Violet barely alive in a pool of blood, with her baby gone. She’s rushed to the hospital where Naomi and Addison work frantically to save her life.

Who married Addison?

Benjamin BrattIn Tuesday’s Private Practice series finale, Addison had finally found it all. But it was the supporting cast who really shined in the final hour – seriously, Addison and Jake (Benjamin Bratt) got married within the first five minutes and from there, it was about saying goodbye to everyone else.

Do they mention Derek’s death in private practice?

Derek’s funeral was missing several key characters Commonly mentioned are Christina, Addison, Derek’s mother, and his three sisters besides Amelia. … Private Practice was over by the time Derek died, but it stands to reason that she would have been just as affected by his death as Mark’s.