Quick Answer: Who Did Katherine Pierce Really Love?

Did Damon love Katherine or Elena more?

No, she definitely caught his attention because she looks like Katherine, but Damon fell in love with Elena because inside she was so different from Katherine.

Elena is the “what if” version of Katherine, how Katherine might have been if things hadn’t sucked so bad for her over the last 500 years..

Who killed Katherine Pierce?

Stefan SalvatoreAfter five hundred years of running, Katherine Pierce, the ultimate mean girl and quintessential survivor, died at the hands of her former love, Stefan Salvatore. She is survived by no one.

Why did Damon love Elena?

Elena Loves Damon because with him she can be herself. … And there love was beyond the Sire Bond thing. Because in one of the episodes Elena tells Damon that things would have been different if they had met First., And when she turns into a Vampire she comes to know that she had actually met Damon before she met Stefan.

Did Stefan really love Elena?

Elena confesses she still loves Stefan but no longer is in love with him and is in love with Damon. Stefan and Caroline realize that her feelings may have something to do with the fact that she’s sired to Damon. … She later tells him that her love for him is the most real thing she’s ever felt.

Did Damon and Elena have a kid?

Damon and Elena have A DAUGHTER and she just made her debut on ‘Legacies’ Just in case you needed to hear the best news ever… … Damon and Elena have a daughter. And her name is Stefanie Salvatore.

Does Caroline kiss Stefan?

It’s totally OK to admit if you are because DAMN that was one hot and steamy lip lock. No, you weren’t hallucinating, people. Stefan and Caroline had their fist kiss on The Vampire Diaries during Thursday night’s episode “Stay,” and boy oh boy did it exceed all expectations.

Did Stefan really love Caroline?

Self loathing. Technically, it’s Caroline. They’ve established in canon (and interviews) that she’s the love of his life, and in the finale he tells her that he’ll love her forever. He’s still wearing his wedding ring in the afterlife, 70+ years in the future when Damon hugs him.

Who does Katherine Pierce end up with?

==Season Two== John Gilbert being seriously injured, Elena calls for help and is terrified by Katherine’s super-speed around the house before leaving. She wreaked havoc for Damon and Stefan, confusing them of who she really loved….Katherine Pierce.Katerina PetrovaBiographical informationSignificant killsCaroline Forbes Aimee Bradley17 more rows

Did Katherine really love Elijah?

Elijah told her that she killed her brother and asked if she didn’t feel anything for Elena, as she has now been delivered the same fate as Katherine once did. … Katherine confirms her feelings for Elijah are real and she wants him to trust her, as she is trusting him right now.

Did Damon kiss Elena or Katherine?

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) had just kissed “Elena,” (Nina Dobrev) who turned out to be Katherine, who then went on a killing spree right as the real Elena walked through the door.

Who is Katherine’s baby daddy?

Alaric is turned into an Original by Esther. Alaric dies after Elena drowns in season three due to his sired connection to Elena. In the season five finale, Alaric is brought back to life by Liv. Nadia’s Father (Name Unknown): He was the lover of Katherine and the father of Nadia.

Who met Elena first?

Over the course of the series, fans are led to believe that Stefan is the first Salvatore whom Elena meets. But the truth comes out during the Season 3 finale — when it’s revealed she actually met Damon first.