Quick Answer: What Happens If You Kill Daniel In Camping 2?

Who is the killer in Camping 2?

Zach NolanHe helps the players get through the maze and appears again on the pillar at the end.

He sees and recognizes the person as Zach Nolan, the man who murdered the family of 5 during a camping night.

As Zach approaches the players and him, The Son then appears..

How many endings are there in Camping Roblox?

3 EndingsThere Are 3 Endings. There Is A Secret One And 2 Regular.

What does the lucky coin do in camping?

The Lucky Coin is an item that can be found in Specky Woods. The player who finds it can hold it anytime during Camping Trip to increase their luck. In the cave, it switches you to the non-spiked tunnel. You can also throw the Lucky Coin into the well and get the secret ending.

What does the Smore do in Roblox camping?

The s’more is the first item in the game that you can eat that isn’t given automatically by the game system. The s’more is also the first meal that you can use at night. It doesn’t do anything when you eat it. It just makes “Nom nom nom!” sounds.

Who is Zach Nolan camping?

Roblox Camping: Who is Zach Nolan? The Camping series is a user created trilogy in Roblox comprising of Camping, Camping 2, and Hotel. Its most famous character is Zach Nolan; the trilogy’s urban legend that people tell scary stories about when sitting around a fire.

How do you get the camping 2 Secret Ending?

Camping 2Good Ending. If you decide not to kill Daniel, at the end of the story he will point out Zach Nolan. … Bad Ending. If you decide to kill Daniel, at the end of the story Zach Nolan will straight up kill all the players.Secret Ending.

Is Zach Nolan real?

Zach Nolan, known as The Murderer in most of the game and real name Jack Logan in Mansion, is the main antagonist of the Camping series, presented as the main antagonists of Camping 2 and Mansion.

How do you get past the Bears in camping Roblox?

To survive the bears maze, you need timing and analysis. You’ll want to take a left after the bear goes past and follow down the path to the back of the cave. Expect to take a few hits from bears, but if you’re fast enough and time everything right, theoretically you can make it through unscathed.

What happened to Zach Nolan?

Fortunately, the Son appears between Zach and the campers and tells Zach that he didn’t kill the whole family. Zach is then decapitated while Daniel and the campers watch. After he kills Zach, the Son shouts that he is free before disintegrating.

What is Roblox camping?

Camping is a ROBLOX horror game where you and 11 other people go on a camping trip in a place called ‘Specky Woods’, and try to survive from a monster for three days. The game was released to the public on September 3, 2018.