Quick Answer: What Happened To Sarah Harvey’S Hands?

Is Sara Harvey Charles DiLaurentis?


We found out Charles is definitely a DiLaurentis — another great revelation.

We later found out her name is Sarah Harvey, and Sarah is the same girl who went missing around the same time Alison disappeared back in the beginning of the series..

Did Ezra kill Charlotte?

Though it may seem like Ezra doesn’t have much motivation to kill Charlotte, there is actually a major clue in the episode that hints at why he might want her dead: the kidnapping of his girlfriend. … Ezra can’t find Nicole or seek revenge on her captors, but perhaps he killed Charlotte in an act of misplaced rage.

Who is the blonde girl in the Dollhouse PLL?

Sara HarveyThe Liars manage to escape and the police arrive at the scene to find the blonde girl in her room. A police officer approaches her to ask for her identity and she reveals her name to be Sara Harvey. The Liars recognize her since they previously chatted to Sara’s friends.

How long did Emily refuse to let her father be buried?

three daysWhen it comes to death itself, Emily is in denial and most of that feeling has to do with her loneliness. After her father dies, she keeps his corpse for three days and refuses to admit that he is dead.

How did Emily Fields get pregnant?

Because she became pregnant with a donor’s eggs, she most likely went through an embryo transfer.

WHO IS A after CeCe?

Unlike CeCe, who was introduced (under auspicious circumstances) in Season 3, A.D. turned out to be someone fans had never met — at least, not officially — until the series finale. A.D. stands for Alex Drake, CeCe’s half sister and the identical twin of … Spencer Hastings.

Did Nicole die in PLL?

Nicole and Ezra met at the end of Season 6A, which means they dated for most of the five-year time jump. … Then, when the show returned for Season 6B, we found out that during those five years, she had gone missing after being kidnapped by revolutionaries in Colombia, and was eventually presumed dead.

Why did a kidnap Sara Harvey?

Sara Harvey was abducted from a parking lot outside Rosewood one day after Alison went missing. … Because Charlotte is impulsive she likely decided then and there to abduct Sara, simply because of how similar she and Alison looked.

Did Emily’s dad die?

During the Pretty Little Liars “5 Years Forward” special we learned Emily’s dad died in the army. No specifics were given to us on how he died (although we do know he had a heart condition), but we did learn that his death had a hugely negative impact on Emily, as one would expect.

Is Charles DiLaurentis Alison’s brother?

You may be looking for her true identity or information regarding Charlotte DiLaurentis. … At the time, Charles was the first-born child of Mary Drake and Ted Wilson. He is also the adoptive child of Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis, the maternal cousin of Alison and Jason, as well as, their adoptive sibling.

Is Emily sick PLL?

Emily is sick and hiding it (along with many other things). In even more alarming news, Emily appears to be suffering from some sort of illness. She was having blood drawn at Hollis Medical Center, where a nurse advised her to stay in Rosewood so that she could complete her treatments in one place.

Why did Mona kill Charlotte?

In “The DArkest Knight”, Mary is revealed to be Spencer Hastings’ biological mother, thus making her Charlotte’s maternal half-sister. During “Farewell, My Lovely”, Mona confesses to killing Charlotte after finding out that her mental health hadn’t improved and her intentions were to harm the Liars again.

Why did Sara Harvey Help A?

Sara Harvey was revealed to be both Red Coat and Black Widow in 6×10 ‘Game On ChArles. … I think the reason why Sara Harvey was on the A team is because she is Bethany Young. It would explain her willingness to hurt others like she did with Ms. Cavanaugh when she pushed her off the roof when she was in Radley.

Who killed Charlotte?

MonaMona tried to scare her by pinning her at the window of the tower, seemingly about to throw her off, but backed off. They engaged into a fight where Mona accidentally killed Charlotte in self-defense, by throwing her against a staple.

Did Hanna really kill Charlotte?

2. Hanna Didn’t Kill Charlotte, But She Knows Who Did. Maybe Hanna didn’t kill Charlotte, but she found out that someone close to her — like, say, Jordan or her mom — did in order to protect her. Confessing to Uber A might seem easier for Hanna than letting Uber A come after the people she loves.