Quick Answer: Was Spencer A In PLL?

Why was Spencer A in pretty little liars?


stands for Alex Drake, CeCe’s half sister and the identical twin of … Spencer Hastings.

The idea that Spencer (or any of the Liars) had a nefarious evil twin was a long-floated fan theory, so the reveal wasn’t completely unexpected..

WHO IS A in Pretty Little Liars and why?

Inside, the liars discover that Big “A” is named Charles DiLaurentis. CeCe/Charlotte reveals herself as “A” and tells her story; saying that she is transgender, was formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis, and became ‘A’ because the Liars were happy that Alison was gone.

Is Mr Fitz A?

My favorite moment of the series so far was when it looked as though Ezra Fitz, Aria’s beloved and one-time English teacher, was A. … At the time, it turned out that he wasn’t A (although he had been surveilling the group since way before he started teaching them at Rosewood High, which is more than a little…

Why did MONA become a?

Here, it is revealed that “A” is actually Mona herself, who claims that she became “A” because of the Liars taking Hanna away from her and never doing anything to prevent Alison’s bullying. She and Spencer get into a fight near a cliff and Mona is accidentally pushed off.

Is Alison still alive?

In the present day, it is seen that Alison may be alive and could secretly be Red Coat, the mysterious blonde watching her former friends. In “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”, it is confirmed that Alison is alive. Carla Grunwald revealed that she had pulled Alison from the shallow grave.

Is Spencer part of the A team in PLL?

Spencer is the third known member of the A team. In the Season 3 finale “A Dangerous GAme”, it is revealed that Toby is alive. She meets him at a diner, and he reveals he only joined The ‘A’ Team in order to protect her.

Who are all the A’s in PLL?

The A-TeamEmployees:Mona Vanderwaal Toby Cavanaugh Spencer Hastings Sara Harvey Lucas Gottesman Melissa Hastings Noel Kahn Jenna Marshall Sydney Driscoll Aria Montgomery Wren Kingston Mary DrakeEnemies:Alison DiLaurentis Aria Montgomery Emily Fields Hanna Marin Spencer Hastings Mona Vanderwaal14 more rows

Why did Melissa drug aria?

Melissa reveals that she really was the Queen of Hearts. She says she wasn’t helping Wilden but they showed up in the same costume. She says the Wilden attacked Spencer, meaning she drugged Aria and says that she didn’t know about hurting Spencer until she was on the train.

Is Ezra on the A team?

Ezra’s Team is the small team of people helping Ezra Fitz with his book. Mona Vanderwaal is apart of the team due to Ezra threatening to reveal her secrets….Ezra’s TeamOccupation(s):Author/Writer (Ezra) A (Mona/CeCe)Employer:Ezra FitzEmployees:Mona Vanderwaal CeCe Drake8 more rows