Question: Will There Be A Moana 2 Movie?

What date is Moana 2 coming out?

November 23, 2016Moana 2 Release Date: When will it air.

Theatrically, Moana got released on November 23, 2016, in the United States.

The release was on Blu-ray (2D and 3D) and DVD by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on March 7, 2017, in the United States.

A digital release occurred on February 21, 2017..

Will there be a Moana 2 2020?

Moana 2 will be released, most likely, in November of 2020.

Will there be a Moana 2 trailer?

Moana 2 Trailer and Release Date Moana 2 release date is too early to predict right now but Disney has reserved several slots in 2021-22 and one of them could easily set for the sequel of this animated movie.

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