Question: Why Did A Kidnap Sara Harvey?

What did the PLL do to Sara Harvey?

‘PLL’s Sara Harvey Reveal Was A Letdown In the Season 6a finale, Sara Harvey got electrocuted on Pretty Little Liars BY ACCIDENT and, because they couldn’t, the Liars didn’t help her..

WHO WAS A after CeCe?

Unlike CeCe, who was introduced (under auspicious circumstances) in Season 3, A.D. turned out to be someone fans had never met — at least, not officially — until the series finale. A.D. stands for Alex Drake, CeCe’s half sister and the identical twin of … Spencer Hastings.

Who kidnapped Sara Harvey?

Andrew CampbellAs it turns out, the issues that made her run away two years ago aren’t resolved. Sara ends up at Emily’s house, where she divulges that she’s not sure Andrew Campbell is the one who kidnapped her.

WHO IS A after Charlotte died?

When she is released, Charlotte is murdered by Mona Vanderwaal and her death causes the birth of “A.D.”, the new Uber A. After her death, it is revealed that Noel Kahn and Jenna Marshall were also working for Charlotte.

Why did Mona kill Charlotte?

During “Farewell, My Lovely”, Mona confesses to killing Charlotte after finding out that her mental health hadn’t improved and her intentions were to harm the Liars again. In “Till Death Do Us Part”, the elusive A.D. is revealed to be Alex Drake, Spencer’s identical twin sister.

Why did Alex Drake kidnap Ezra?

Even though Mona was revealed that Charlotte’s killer, Alex decided to trouble Spencer all out of jealousy. Since Aria’s wedding was a perfect occasion to hurt the Liars, A.D. chose to kidnap Ezra while pretending to be Spencer.

Is a Ezra?

We repeat: Ezra is not “A”— nor has he ever been a member of the A-Team. Instead, Aria discovered (while stuck on a chairlift!) that her dearly-beloved beau has been spying on our foursome since the very beginning of the series. … Ezra was gathering information for a tell-all book about Alison DiLaurentis’ disappearance.

What happened to Sara Harvey hands?

“She got electrocuted when they stopped the bomb in the finale,” the actress explained on the social media site. … Back during the Season 6A finale, we assumed that Spencer had completely defused the bomb that Sara had rigged to go off at Radley, but evidently it wasn’t as simple as all that.

Who killed CeCe Drake?

In celebration of the occasion, PLL answered one huge question plaguing the series since the 2016 winter premiere, “Of Late I Think Of Rosewood”: who actually killed CeCe Drake-slash-Charlotte DiLaurentis (Vanessa Ray)? The answer is none other than Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish).

Did Ezra kill Charlotte?

Though it may seem like Ezra doesn’t have much motivation to kill Charlotte, there is actually a major clue in the episode that hints at why he might want her dead: the kidnapping of his girlfriend. … Ezra can’t find Nicole or seek revenge on her captors, but perhaps he killed Charlotte in an act of misplaced rage.

Who is the blonde girl in the Dollhouse PLL?

Sara HarveySara Harvey (Pretty Little Liars)Sara HarveyCreated byI. Marlene King Joseph DoughertyPortrayed bySasha Pieterse (season 3) CC Mason (season 4) Dre Davis (Seasons 6–7)In-universe informationAlias”A” Alison DiLaurentis Red Coat The Black Widow Friend and ally12 more rows

Who killed Jenna?

Klaus5. Klaus Kills Aunt Jenna. This was way back in the beginning of TVD, before we realized how many characters would die, be resurrected, and then die again.

Did Hanna really kill Charlotte?

Hanna Didn’t Kill Charlotte, But She Knows Who Did Confessing to Uber A might seem easier for Hanna than letting Uber A come after the people she loves.

Is Sara Harvey Charles DiLaurentis?

We found out Charles is definitely a DiLaurentis — another great revelation. … We later found out her name is Sarah Harvey, and Sarah is the same girl who went missing around the same time Alison disappeared back in the beginning of the series.

Did Caleb and Spencer date?

Spencer and Caleb made things official in Season 6, Episode 13 (“The Gloves Are On”) when Spencer confessed her feelings for Caleb to Hanna, one-half of the beloved ship Haleb, and found comfort in Caleb’s lips at the end of the episode. Listen. I know why fans are upset.

Is CeCe Drake Sara Harvey?

We first meet Sara Harvey in the dollhouse with the girls, but we later learn that there’s a lot more to her. After revealing herself as “A” and Charles DiLaurentis, CeCe Drake (aka Charlotte) explains that Sara Harvey had previously dressed up as the Black Widow and Red Coat.

Did Emily’s dad die in PLL?

During the Pretty Little Liars “5 Years Forward” special we learned Emily’s dad died in the army. No specifics were given to us on how he died (although we do know he had a heart condition), but we did learn that his death had a hugely negative impact on Emily, as one would expect.

Why did Sara Harvey join the A team?

Sara Harvey was revealed to be both Red Coat and Black Widow in 6×10 ‘Game On ChArles. … I think the reason why Sara Harvey was on the A team is because she is Bethany Young. It would explain her willingness to hurt others like she did with Ms. Cavanaugh when she pushed her off the roof when she was in Radley.