Question: What Does IP Stand For In Police?

What does APC stand for police?

Actual Physical ControlAPC, which is short for “Actual Physical Control,” is a crime that permits law enforcement officers to arrest intoxicated people with the ability to drive, but who are not in fact driving when discovered by the officer..

What does AC mean in police terms?

Other acronyms: “OCG” is a term you hear bandied around a LOT in Line of Duty – here’s an explanation of what it means, plus a load of other handy police terms: AC-12 – Anti-Corruption Unit 12. ARU – armed response unit. CPS – Crown Prosecution Service.

What does SIS mean in slang?

A slang term for sister. Often used like a female equivalent to “bro”, with close friends rather than relatives.

What does SC stand for in police?

special police constableFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A special constable or special police constable (SC or SPC) is generally an auxiliary or part-time law enforcement officer. Many police departments are complemented by a Special Constabulary which are referred to as special constables or informally as “specials”.

What does CPT stand for in police?

2010. English. European Committee for the Prevention of Torture. and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. (CPT)

What is a 129 police code?

Offences relating to public or peace officer. 129 Every one who.

Does IP stand for?

Internet Protocol’IP’ stands for ‘Internet Protocol’. There are two versions of IP that currently coexist in the global Internet: IP version 4 (IPv4) and IP version 6 (IPv6).

What does RTO stand for?

RTOAcronymDefinitionRTORent-To-OwnRTORegional Transmission OrganizationRTORetransmission TimeoutRTORecovery Time Objective (disaster recovery)69 more rows

What does ASP stand for in police?

assistant superintendent of policeAssistant superintendent, or assistant superintendent of police (ASP), is a rank that was used by police forces in the British Empire and is still used in many police forces in the Commonwealth. It was usually the lowest rank that could be held by a European officer, most of whom joined the police at this rank.

What is the alphabet that the police use?

The phonetic language – also known as the ‘spelling alphabet’ or the NATO phonetic alphabet – is used by professional communicators, especially police, military and other emergency and armed forces, to identify letters precisely, either when communicating initials, abbreviations or spellings of words.

What does IP mean police?

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. IP. Injured Person or Victim. IPA. International Police Association.

What does so mean in police terms?

SO – Sheriff’s Office. VCR – Violating Conditions of Release. Filed Under: acronyms, code, jargon, police.

What does 126 mean for cops?

QuebecCodeDescription126Intercept suspect127Proceed with caution128No siren, no flashing….129Request back up26 more rows

What is RO in police talk?

RO: registered owner. RP: reporting person/party.

What does zebra mean in police code?

2. when the assignment is complete, use a “Z – Zebra; Mental-Health-Related” code when requesting an RD Number for a UCR code or using the proper number-letter code from the Miscellaneous Incident Reporting Table at the conclusion of the incident.