Question: Did Damon Meet Elena First?

Is Elena there in Season 7?

Elena Returned In ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Finale For A Surprise Cameo & It Will Give You All The Feels..

What episode do Elena and Damon sleep together for the first time?

My Brother’s Keeper (The Vampire Diaries)”My Brother’s Keeper”The Vampire Diaries episodeEpisode no.Season 4 Episode 7Directed byJeffrey HuntWritten byCaroline Dries & Elisabeth R. Finch8 more rows

Why did Damon break up with Elena?

The episode ends with Elena and Damon fighting over their relationship and how much one depends on another. They decide to break up because their love makes them something else of what they really are but they end up in bed together because they cannot fight what they feel for each other.

Why did Stefan stop loving Elena?

Elena left Stefan for a few reasons: Becoming a vampire changed Elena. She felt more connected with Damon and felt he could understand her better. … Elena was sired to Damon, so her feelings for him were amplified with the transition.

When did Damon first meet Elena?

Season 3, Episode 22 But the truth comes out during the Season 3 finale — when it’s revealed she actually met Damon first. Elena doesn’t recall this encounter, because Damon compels her to forget it — but she ultimately remembers after her transition into a vampire during the Season 4 premiere.

Did Damon really set Elena on fire?

Elena was ALIVE! Damon had been hallucinating, and he actually didn’t burn her body. She was still resting peacefully in her coffin in New York. Damon called Stefan and told him the good news.

Who played Elena in Season 8?

Nina DobrevOn January 26, 2017, it was announced that Nina Dobrev would return as Elena Gilbert in the series finale. At the end of the episode, “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride” on February 24, 2017, it was revealed that Dobrev would reprise her role of Katherine Pierce as well.

Did Damon really love Katherine?

Throughout the following seasons, Damon’s feelings for Katherine have dwindled while Katherine still attempts to seduce him from time to time. It is later revealed that Katherine had in fact loved him and his brother, but would ultimately choose her own safety over them.

Does Stefan cheat on Elena?

Yes, Elena was unfaithful and disrespectful towards Stefan. Elena kissed Damon at the end of Season 2, when her and Stefan were STILL TOGETHER. No matter what that meant, it’s cheating.

Who picks Elena?

Damon SalvatoreAfter eight seasons, The Vampire Diaries concluded with Elena Gilbert cementing her relationship with Damon Salvatore — here’s why he, rather than Stefan, was her ultimate choice.

What did Damon Elena forget?

Alaric compelled Elena to forget all the good memories she had of Damon upon her request after Damon’s death. Alaric is the one to inform Elena that Damon is back from the dead. Both Alaric and Elena became vampires in Season Three and human again in Season Six.

What episode does Damon die?

As I Lay Dying (The Vampire Diaries)”As I Lay Dying”The Vampire Diaries episodeEpisode no.Season 2 Episode 22Directed byJohn BehringWritten byTuri Meyer Al Septien Michael Narducci8 more rows

Is Damon in love with Bonnie?

Damon and Bonnie are too devoted to Elena, so there was no question of romantic feelings then, but they do form a bond as they had only each other. … In all this, there was never any romantic feelings between them. So, they never thought of dating.

Will Elena get her memories of Damon back?

In Season 6 episode 7 Elena attempts to step over the barrier line to remember and she does remember parts but at the same time it was killing her because of the reverse vampirism. But in Season 6 episode 20 she takes the cure and all her memories come back.

Why did Alaric die when Elena died?

Alaric beghed her not to kill herself, and she escaped with Klaus. Later, when Rebekah ran Matt’s truck into the river, Elena drowned, and due to his link to Elena’s life force, her death caused Alaric to die in Damon’s arms.

In what episode does Elena remember Damon?

Do You Remember the First Time?”Do You Remember the First Time?” is the 7th episode of the sixth season of the American series The Vampire Diaries and the series’ 118th episode overall.

Does Damon cheat on Elena?

No. Elena is asleep the entire season. Damon doesn’t cheat on her once.