Is Meredith Good Or Bad PLL?

Who put the brain in Mona’s locker?

CalebIt is revealed that Caleb put the cow brain in Mona’s Locker in She’s Better Now..

Is Meredith A in pretty little liars?

Meredith is the only female character in Pretty Little Liars who has a mental illness but is not A, or associated with A.

Who is the prettiest liar in PLL?

Which girl makes the prettiest “Pretty Little Liar?”Lucy. 15.8%Sasha. 8.9%Ashley. 20.9%Shay. 46%Troian. 8.4%

What episode does Meredith drug aria?

Misery Loves CompanyMisery Loves CompanySeason 3, Episode 16Air DateJanuary 22, 2013Written byMarlene King & Jonell LennonDirected byMarlene King3 more rows•Jan 22, 2013

Who ruined Connor’s car PLL?

EzraEzra totally smashed Connor’s car, and it’s going to come back to him.

Who did aria stab on the ghost train?

Jason DiLaurentisAria stabs the male with a screwdriver. Now I know many people think she stabbed Wilden, but the answer has always been there. It wasn’t Wilden she stabbed, it was Jason DiLaurentis. He ended up with this stab wound after the events of the Halloween Train.