Does Mona Die In The PLL Books?

Does Mona die in PLL?

Mona Vanderwaal has been many things on Pretty Little Liars: First, she was Hanna’s nerdy best friend.

Then, she was Original “A.” And most recently, she was dead.

That is, until she reappeared in the season 5 finale, only to reveal that she wasn’t murdered.

Instead, she was kidnapped and put in Charles’ dollhouse..

Who killed Mona vanderwaal in Season 5?

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Alison Arrested, Killed Mona — Season 5 Recap | TVLine.

Who does Spencer lose her virginity to?

Spencer lost her virginity to Wren Kim in the books, while in the TV show, she loses her virginity to Toby Cavanaugh. 2. In the books, Spencer has feelings for Wren, and is not sorry for dating him behind her sister’s back.

Is Mona alive in season 6?

On Tuesday night’s “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” Pretty Little Liars revealed that Mona is alive. Sure, it wasn’t quite the Madison Montgomery-like as we would’ve expected from the former A-game leader, but either way — MONA IS ALIVE. But, unfortunately, she’s far from well.

Why did Cece kidnap Mona?

In Welcome to the Dollhouse, it is revealed that Mona was never murdered and is being held captive in A’s dollhouse. The attacker never tried to kill her, they were trying to drug her and take her to the dollhouse. However, the reason that the assailant entered Mona’s home and kidnapped her remains unknown.

Does Toby die in PLL books?

Toby also dies – and he’s a terrible person. After Alison catches him peeping through her window and sexually abusing his step-sister Jenna, she blackmails Toby Cavanaugh into taking the fall for blinding Jenna (Alison actually did it).

Why did Ian kill himself PLL?

After. His body is found in “Blind Dates” where his death is made to look like a suicide. … Marlene King, she confirmed that Ian did, in fact, commit suicide, for unknown reasons. Mona was the one who faked the suicide note.

Is Toby actually dead?

No, Spencer found a body in the woods with the same tattoo as Toby. It was staged to make it look like he had died so she wouldn’t search for him. … He never actually dies in the series.

Who killed Mona in pretty little liars?

She is believed by the Liars to be Alison DiLaurentis. This person then kept Mona as a personal Alison doll in her dollhouse. In “Welcome to the Dollhouse,” it’s revealed Mona is indeed alive, and was not killed but kidnapped by “A”. In “Game Over, Charles,” it is revealed that CeCe Drake was the assailant.

Did Mona kill Ian?

MARLENE KING: Ian killed himself but Mona staged the note and the crime scene. Wilden.

Why did Mona confess to killing Wilden?

Mona confessed to murdering Darren Wilden because she was fighting a battle agaisnt a personality disorder she was supposedly treated for at Radley. As we have found out personality disorders cannot be cured, so this would explain the perseverance in manipulation Mona has embodied throughout the seasons.

What mental illness does Mona have?

She and Spencer get into a fight near a cliff and Mona is accidentally pushed off. She survives, however, and is committed to the Radley Sanitarium, after being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

What episode does aria lose her virginity to Ezra?

If These Dolls Could TalkAria lost her virginity to Ezra in “If These Dolls Could Talk”.

Why did Mona get a text from a?

A=Mona herself. She sent the text to herself as a cover up to get the suspicion off of her.

What happened to Melissa Hastings baby?

Melissa reveals, along with being the Black Swan, that she lost her baby the day after Ian was found dead. She was going to tell Spencer, but found Ian’s phone in Spencer’s possession, and had been faking her pregnancy ever since.